The Supreme Court declared war on our bodily autonomy through this upcoming ruling

Photos: Hundreds March In Milwaukee After Supreme Court Roe Decision MILWAUKEE, WI — After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, hundreds of demonstrators marched in Milwaukee’s streets.

The demonstration Friday evening gathered at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee. Local political groups Party for Socialism and Liberation-Milwaukee and Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Wisconsin organized the protest.

“The Supreme Court declared war on our bodily autonomy through this upcoming ruling, and only a mass movement can take back the right to abortion,” the event’s Facebook page said.
Protesters gathered and marched north on Water Street, with intentions of looping around and ending back downtown. A line of demonstrators holding signs stretched for more than a block as the group weaved across Milwaukee’s streets.

Wisconsin is one of five states where a pre-Roe abortion ban is likely to take effect after Friday’s ruling. Other states included Arizona, Michigan, Alabama and West Virginia. The Wisconsin law would define unborn children as a “human being from the time of conception until it is born alive,” and make performing an abortion a felony for anyone other than the mother. The only exception in the law was for abortions to save a mother’s life.

Wisconsin legislators could act to change the law, and some district attorneys may choose to not enforce it.

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Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said his office is reviewing Friday’s decision and will announce later how it’s moving forward.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm signed a letter by district attorneys across the nation, announcing plans to not prosecute abortions, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.


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