Social networks become channels that communicate the essence of the company

Social networks become channels that communicate the essence of the company According to a study by The Global State of Digital in 2019 created by Hootsuite and We Are Social , 95% of Mexicans consult YouTube, 93% are active on Facebook, 87% use WhatsApp, 64% send messages via FB Messenger and 57% report on Twitter. The above can help you to know which social network you should open and feed depending on its consumption among the inhabitants of the country, but also on your objectives, budget and the ideal consumer profile that you have previously created.

Before talking about the advantages of social networks for companies, let’s go back to what we mentioned in the previous block: the objectives, the budget and the profile of your ideal consumer.

The objective can go in different directions depending on your strategy and when you define it, you will be able to discover which social network you should keep up to date. If your intention is to make yourself known, it is best to have a Facebook account, but if you want to highlight the physical characteristics of your product, you can prepare creative photos for Instagram.
The target audience is decisive for your choice. With the above we mean that, although a 16-year-old adolescent and a 60-year-old man like the same meme, it is likely that they will not find it in the same communication channel; This is where you must know your client very well to know which social network consumes the most.

They are a tool to get to know the audience better
Social media helps you get to know real customers better.

They give greater visibility and recognition

Social networks have a global impact, for this reason they help to give greater visibility to products or services. Although it is an advantage, it is best to define the area that you want to cover, that is, if they are going to be local or national campaigns.

They help to have a better positioning on the internet
Why Is Social Media Important for Businesses

When the brand or business publishes on their social networks, you can share the url of your page so that the user can visit it and learn more.

This helps it to have more traffic, to rank better in search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, etc., and therefore to appear among the solution options when searching for something related to what the company offers .

They can generate a sales opportunity

Social networks become channels that communicate the essence of the company, the information that the customer needs to know, but also that direct the user to carry out some type of action, including the purchase.

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