Russia-Ukraine live news: Putin warns West against arming Kyiv

Correspondent: Scholz, Macron satisfied by answers on status of prisoners
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reporting from Moscow said that Scholz, Macron and Putin “agreed to keep the line of communications open.

“The French and German leaders also were seemingly satisfied by the answers given by the Russian president about the status of the prisoners, the Ukrainian military personnel that are being held as prisoners of war by the Russian military,” Jabbari said.

17 mins ago (17:37 GMT)

Correspondent: Putin says Russia willing to allow passage of ships carrying wheat from Odesa
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reporting from Moscow said that Putin told his counterpart that “there are a number of issues with the ships that are carrying Ukrainian wheat that have been stuck in the Black Sea, as a result of what the Russians are saying are mines that are placed along the routes for them to leave in the Black Sea by the Ukrainian military.

“Putin said that Russia is willing to allow the passage of those ships, roughly around 300 of them from the main port in Odesa in Ukraine. That is something that is up for discussion, but of course that is something that has to be done through the Russian military,” Jabbari said.

53 mins ago (17:01 GMT)

Pro-Moscow Kherson official sees decision ‘towards next year’ on joining Russia
A senior pro-Russian official in the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson has told Reuters that nearby fighting could affect the timing of its formal bid to join Russia and a decision was likely “towards next year”.

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Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Russian-backed Kherson Military-Civilian Administration, also said in a video call that the process might involve a referendum, backtracking on previous comments that none would be needed.

Asked about the timetable for joining Russia, he replied: “It won’t happen by autumn. We’re preparing an administrative system and then towards next year we will see what the situation is like.”

3 hours ago (15:22 GMT)

Putin, Macron, Scholz discuss grain supplies
Putin has told the leaders of France and Germany Moscow is ready to look for ways to ship grain stuck in Ukrainian ports but demanded the West lift sanctions.

Putin said the difficulties in supplying grain to world markets were the result of “erroneous economic and financial policies of Western countries”.

“Russia is ready to help find options for the unhindered export of grain, including the export of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea ports,” Putin told Macron and Scholz, the Kremlin said.

“An increase in the supply of Russian fertilisers and agricultural products will also help reduce tensions on the global food market, which, of course, will require the removal of the relevant sanctions.”

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